How many times have you uttered the phrase “good dog”? As pet owners, sometimes we underestimate the role our dogs play in our lives. We have a four-year old white boxer dog named “Blizzard” in our family. Blizzard was rescued from a breeder who had the shameful idea to euthanize the less financially rewarding members of the pack. From that day on, Blizzard became a beloved family member. This article is a tribute to all the countless number of Blizzards out there for which the phrase “good dog” just doesn’t do the trick and for the parents, who know that boxer dogs make great pets and friends.

Getting Away With Everything

Now I take pride in the appearance of my home, but I cannot count the number of times I have happily washed thirty dollar throw pillows that I proudly display on our leather couch. A small sacrifice made for the love of a “good dog” who just isn’t comfortable anywhere else but perched upon these “must have” items. In my travels as a stay at home mom, I often glance over at him just in time to see a happy drool escaping his mouth. “Good dog”? I think not.

In our family, we all eat dinner together. This nightly ritual involves cleaning up after the toddlers- and Blizzard of course. As such, Blizzard gets his face wiped after a meal in the same manner as the kids. This habit developed in response to another pleasant surprise we stumbled upon a few years ago- catching him in the act of cleaning his own mouth on the kitchen tablecloth! Nothing says lovin’ like a ninety pound dog running his yuck mouth up and down expensive linen.

Unconditional Love

For me, what really opened my eyes to the love I feel for this animal was my experience during the last few weeks of my first pregnancy. As any woman who has ever had kids can relate to, there are more than a few long, monotonous bed retreats. And don’t you know Blizzard never left my side? It is with great pride that I dare say I owe my sanity to the dog. If I had to do another crossword puzzle without adoring glances from my boxer, I can honestly say I might not have made it.

Blizzard is more than a “good dog”. He is a member of our family. He has been a support system, a friendly ear, an audience, a trickster. My boxer, like many other boxer dogs out there deserves more than a simple “good dog”. And maybe, just maybe, he thinks of me as more than a “good human”.