It is said that cats play a specific spiritual role in the lives of the people who own them.Their mission in life is to heal and comfort. I believe that all animals are spiritual and are here to rescue, assist and guide us in our journey of life. They help their people take on stress, worries and trauma of their owners to heal and comfort and that may be why they sleep so much… to recover from stress they have taken on for us from us.The bond between humans and their pets can be as deep and meaningful as human relationships. On a spiritual level I believe that animals are magnificent beings in their own right with emotional and spiritual lives; I believe that animals have souls.

I read somewhere once about people having out-of-body near death experiences and how individuals reported approaching a “tunnel of light” leaving behind their physical existence as the near death individual reported being greeted by their deceased family and friends and also their deceased pets which are a comfort to those of us that have lost a beloved pet.

As I am writing this today, something came to mind to me just today about my spiritual cat Joey. It has occurred to me just how safe and unconditional Joey’s love is. Our pets make it safe for us to give and receive love deeply. It seems that sometimes over a person’s lifetime we start building walls at a very young age. It happens without us even realizing it. With very little thought or effort the walls become higher and thicker each time we experience hurt and betrayal. Subconsciously we think that those walls will protect us from getting hurt: Actually what it does is cut us off from the flow of life and all its’ goodness.. If we are not living from the heart and our Divinity within, we are living with thoughts of the mind and giving external circumstances power to affect our life which cut us off from loving ourselves and others.

For me, it has been a time of grieving and letting go. It seems I didn’t have time to do that the first year of recovery from our fire. I am so amazed at the amount of grieving I have done since then. I realize now that I hardly cried those first 12 months after the fire. Now I cry a lot. That is a good thing, of course, as I go forward on this journey. Tears are said to be sacred. Through all of the trials and tribulations that have occurred, one thing that has become evident to me during the recovery and even now, is that Bob and I are closer in many ways. We are closer now than we have ever been in the first 23 years of marriage. I couldn’t exactly say that it was because of just one thing. I think that it has been a combination of many things during the recovery process. There were many bumps in the road during the recovery and there are bumps in the road now: but not so many as we use to have. Little petty things do not matter much anymore. We are grateful for what is right in the moments of each day.

It amazes me how life could change on a dime. Life as we knew it prior to the fire will never be quite the same. We have worked past the fears, the stress, and the pressure of recovery and somehow made it to the other side together. This experience was full of blessings, gifts and miracles. We work together, we cry together, we conquer together and we love together as we go forward. My cat Joey was instrumental in this healing process