On day one of creation, God created the heavens and the earth. On day two, he created the sky. On day three, he created the seas. On day four, he created the sun, moon and stars. On day five, he created the birds ad fish. On day six, he created man and animals.

God created man and woman to be help mates to each other. Before conflict began, there was peace in the garden and all was at rest. For that brief period, two people got to experience what no other has since. Imagine a world without conflict or want of anything.

Adam got to name all the animals and was given a wife who would become the mother of all. Every day was a new learning experience. I imagine they got to interact with wild animals and not be harmed. The garden must have been the most beautiful place on earth.

For each of us, there was probably a time before things got off track when we were happy. Sometimes, we make mistakes by unwise choices and sometimes, events beyond our control cause us to stumble.

What would it take to get back to that original state? The first is to draw closer to God. You don’t have to go it alone. The second is to surround yourself with positive people. The third could be to care for a pet.

Today, thank God for the pet in your life. It may be a dog, cat, horse, bird or fish. I used to have a chihuahua. She was cute as can be. As cute as she was, she had an ear-piercing bark. When she was young, she also had a blood drawing bite. Those little teeth were very sharp. I should have taken her to training right when I got her. I learned the hard way and finally got things figured out.

When my husband was away, at least I had my dog as a companion. I never had to be alone or afraid. She was like my child. I felt guilty being away from her. I specifically got a small dog that I could travel with. I never took her on a plane because she would bark at everyone and they would be angry with me. But, I traveled with her by car when possible. When we moved, we had to find a new home for her. God provided the perfect fit.

Our previous dog was a Bichon Frise who we loved dearly. She got into the Easter baskets and died of chocolate poisoning. These little creatures were part of the family.